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3D Virtual Gallery

This quarter I led a data visualization collective that brought together a group of bright, driven students at the undergraduate and graduate levels from diverse fields such as Art: Games and Playable Media, Computational Media, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, & Astronomy and Astrophysics. These students worked together with UCSC scientists to create five types of data visualizations: graphical abstracts with custom graphics, publication-ready figures coded in R, Python, or Javascript, animations (2D and 3D) visualizing critical scientific concepts, interactive websites (RShiny, HTML/CSS/Javascript, ObservableHQ, Jupyter Notebooks, etc.), as well as final projects combining concepts from throughout the quarter.

This webpage showcases the incredible work they have created this quarter and explains the structure and content of the collective. Visit the links below to learn more:



This word cloud shows the words
used by each student when they

spoke about their experience

and identity at the intersection

of art, science, 

and coding.


This spider plot

shows the backgrounds

of each of the students with respect to the programs and coding languages we used to create data visualizations (before the collective)..

Final Project Gallery

Final Projects

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The gallery below contains a brief description of each student's final project, including the skills they learned and the process they used. If you would like to see more, click on their website or explore their source code.