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Connecting the experiences of macroflora and fauna


"Hold fast.
Be steady, 
Be grounded."

but also, you say

"Dance for me,
Sway for me, 
Bend for me, 
And break for me."

Ask me..
  To part my fingers and coax the rays of the sun
  To reveal the spectrum of feelings and colors in you.
Beg me..
  To tame you in your chaos;
  To dampen the ripples and splashes of you.

Fear me.. 
  When I rise alongside my sisters 
  When our hair finds its way around you.
Worship me..
  Come tiptoe in my submarine forest,
  So that I can feel the touch of you.

Subject me..
  To your steely weapons of war
  When I tighten my clasp on you.
Sacrifice me.. 
  To an insatiable predator’s gnashing teeth
  To the unsteady rhythms of you.

Mourn me..
  When urchins roam my grave,
  And this void feels the wrath of you.
Avenge me..
  By protecting my home,
  By restoring balance in the arms of you.

Protect me.. 
  From the turbulence of stormy seas
  From the unknown depths of you.

Admire me..
  As I grow from this grave,
  Fed by the stars, the elements of you.
Be astounded by me..
  the magic to disappear and reappear,
  the magic of my resilience.

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