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Octopus Surfboard Pyrography

"The Mind of an Octopus" on a beautiful custom surfboard by Ventana Surfboards.

This woodburning shows the delicate nervous system of Octopus vulgaris, which is unique and unparalleled among invertebrates and even rivals that of dogs in terms of the number of neurons (500,000,000!). Each sucker is innervated with 10,000 neurons which collectively allow the arms to think, feel, and taste independently of the octopus's brain. Its arms may work in tandem or independently of its centralized brain.

The textures of this wood are incredible, like ripples in liquid gold. I loved weaving the textures of the octopus around these delicate highlights and plunging into the shadows.


The design will be bordered by brass inlays, and this gorgeous hodge-podge mosaic of upcycled wood materials, by Martijn Stiphout of Ventana Surfboards for Chris Willis.

Octopus Surfboard Pyrography

Octopus Surfboard Pyrography

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My take on _The Mind of an Octopus__•_•_

Introducing a new direction for my art: animals and their nervous systems! 

Describing my Art

Describing my Art

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This hollow-framed wood board is truly a piece of art. It incorporates wood and effort from a huge number of sources, including:

  • the Western Flyer Foundation which is renovating the Western Flyer boat that was used by John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts to sail to the Sea of Cortez over half a century ago

  • Alex at Upcycled Skate Art, who creates intricate wood art with the recycled decks of skateboards

  • Meier brothers furniture

  • Santa Cruz Guitar Company

  • Joey Kochlacs

  • Locus Surfboards

  • Sea Level Woodworks

  • Dude Vinci

  • Mission Bell

  • Jeremiah Kille

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium 

  • and more!

The board incorporates so many different types of wood as well, including purple heart, Indian rosewood, spruce, padauk, Brazilian rosewood, black walnut, madrone, bloodwood, poplar, sapele, teak, mahogany, redwood, sycamore, Doug fir, yellow cedar, aromatic cedar, maple, cherry, zebrawood, claro walnut, wenge, cocobolo, and koa.


The board expertly incorporates abalone and brass inlays, a steam bent nose of Western Flyer wood and expertly shaped cork rails.


Martijn Stiphout of Ventana Surfboards is a true craftsman!

See their work here:


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