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The Father-Daughter Kelp Board

So stoked to have finally gotten the chance to show my dad what I have been working on for his 60th birthday present!


The design is an inverted DNA helix with giant kelp (because y'know, we're related), and it shows the three realms which have brought us together, including high altitude ice climbing in the Alps and Cascades, low (0) altitude sailing adventures at the water's surface, and finally, below the waves where we've explored the reefs of the Philippines, Australia, Fiji, and California.


My dad has taught me so much about the world. He approaches every situation with an open mind and a desire to learn and understand the cultures that surround him. Thank you for being my inspiration, Papa. I love you. 

A totally new medium for me, I used fluid acrylics to paint directly into the foam of the surfboard, which is a very interesting medium. It's easier to water down and not lose any color intensity, but you can also intentionally water it down to get this sort of watercolor effect.

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A totally new medium for me, I used flui
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So stoked to have finally gotten the cha
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